Things are about to turn

It was nippy like fall, so we decided to dress like it was…
DSC_1955_aWe went scouting colors again. The colors, they are a-changing…each day brings a few more standout trees and a slight shift in hillside colors, but no generalized change.

Evening is our favorite time to scout. Everything’s winding down, the sun is turning golden, and the deer are out in force. They’re quite skittish and stay in the shadows or so far from the road that it’s been rare for me to get a decent photo.
DSC_1990_aLike I said, out in force and far from the road: those are not livestock on this side of the barn….they’re a dozen deer, and there were that many more farther to the right in shadows!
DSC_1992_aThis view holds a lot of promise for fall colors, wouldn’t you say?
DSC_1999_aIt’s part of the lovely village of Harbor Springs. Along the distant shoreline at the right, the sandy section is the beach at Petoskey State Park where the final picture was taken for this post. We felt as though we got our money’s worth….

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