Everything’s coming up pumpkins

DSC_0391_aWe continue to have fun with Ross & Ryan’s upcoming birthday….and Ross continues to have fun with anything that is dumped in his lap!

The sunsets around Little Traverse Bay are usually special to behold, because there are always some clouds and they’re always moving into different shapes and layers, and because the sun sets over the lake past the mouth of the bay. Lots of color, lots of foreground, and lots of changing action. And sunsets seem to linger longer….

We thought the golden-red of the sunset was so fitting for this season….almost like pumpkins!
DSC_0274_aDSC_0281_aThe sailboat looked to be flying everything he had, and gave us another nice shot!
DSC_0327_aDSC_0300_aWe started this evening run in Harbor Springs, stopped briefly at Petoskey State Park, and finished on the edge of Bay Harbor in East Park.

6 thoughts on “Everything’s coming up pumpkins

  1. Spectacular pictures, big guy. Love the ordinary, taken-for-granted beauty you capture ~ God paints lovely colors on His canvas. Have the best birthday celebration for Ross and Ryan. They look totally content.

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