It’s in the air

Just up the street from our new park, the Bear River tumbles over a low dam and down a narrow concrete channel into Lake Michigan.

We were surprised to find the small bridge swarming with fishermen in the morning as we left for the day. What was it?

DSC_9944_aA salmon run in the heart of Petoskey! Guys were netting them, spearing them, and catching them with hooks. One guy had 6 and said he was staying until he had his limit of 10!

Up the road a little ways, we passed some maple trees that were already in “full song.” As we passed, I noted what a great picture they’d make…then said wait, wait, wait, why pass them?

So, turned around and got this picture for you.
DSC_0342_aThe trees were alongside a parking lot in front of some condos that were on Crooked Lake. I mean ON the lake:
DSC_0338_aWho needs a dock when you have a boat garage under your condo?

We were on our way to Pond Hill Farm, located a couple miles into the Tunnel of Trees north out of Harbor Springs.

What a great place! Adults like to visit for the vineyards and wine tasting. Kids like to visit for the pumpkins, pig races, baby animal barn, and….just everything!
DSC_0375_aDSC_0441_aWe’re scouting spots that should provide grand vistas for fall colors….

In the meantime, there’s always a memorable sunset over Little Traverse Bay, looking past the Petoskey pierhead lighthouse….
DSC_0590_aBut wait, there’s more….moonrise over Petoskey!

8 thoughts on “It’s in the air

  1. 9- 19-13 Great pictures and great explanations of your travels and sight seeing adventures, you are truly “living the good life”.
    Ron Meyers

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