Found our new coach

DSC_0090_aDSC_0059_aSt Ignace has a weekend show for everything. This time the show was for Big Trucks.

We found this rig entertaining….you know, found us entertaining the thought of buying such a rig, then hauling loads to make some money on the side….

Just kidding.

These guys were serious about their looks. Check out this double-bottom dump truck: not just all its tires lettered, but color-coordinated lettering…outlined in white! The driver said his company has about 50 of these rigs, and the owners want the rigs washed every night!
DSC_0120_aThe owner of this spit-and-polish tractor also has a 1957 Chevy show car.
DSC_0130_aNot everything was completely serious. Here, the thought was serious but the execution (?!) was light-hearted.
DSC_0102_aIn St Ignace, no big show of vehicles of any kind is complete without a parade across Big Mac. The truckers do it with flair, parading at night while blowing their horns!

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