Makin a run for provisions

Sometimes we have to do boring stuff like hitch up the wagon and ride 30 miles for provisions.

Worse this time….had to go out of our way to stop by a farm for some of the stuff.

Ahhhhhh, see, that’s YOUR way of doing life….gotta do this, gotta do that, hurry up, we’re late….

Not us. Everything is an opportunity to go somewhere different and see something new. Out of the way is good.

And buying some of our food from the farmer…wow, that’s terrific!

Did I say farmer? I meant Farmer’s Daughter.

Robyn made two new friends at the weekly farmers market in Hessel. Betty was the dear, sweet lady who stopped by the coach a couple days after their first meeting, and invited Robyn to come to her farm and tour the 125 acres with her on the ATV! We pictured her in our post of Sept 1…at the farmers market in the Soo.

The other new friend was Kelly, who bakes goodies in her home and sells them under the name The Farmer’s Daughter. Her home is on the sheep farm run by her father and her husband.

We were leaving town for a new campground too early in the day to catch the farmers market, and Robyn arranged with Kelly to stop by her farm and pick up a supply of important foodstuffs (sweet rolls and scones!) the day before.

This was the scenery on our way to her place:
DSC_9701_aA sky that threatened rain, but looked glorious doing it!

Met Kelly and her mother at the farmhouse, and who should come through the kitchen right then but father and husband. We had a great time meeting everyone, and were promptly invited on a short tour of the farm!
DSC_9791_aTyler, the daughter’s husband, took us on his ATV out into the field with the lambs, because we could see a bald eagle eating something on the ground with several vultures nearby. Yep, a lamb had died. He said they keep several large Pyrenees dogs in the field with the lambs to protect from coyotes and wolves, but several young ones will still die from medical problems each year.
DSC_9818_aDSC_9727_aTwo huge fields held a huge flock of lambs and another huge flock of ewes. It’s near the end of the season for the lambs, who will be sheared and then sold about November. The ewes will become pregnant this winter and deliver next spring.
DSC_9824_aTyler took us across the road from the flocks to a small garden patch, to get some corn. He apologized for the crop, pointing out that he and his family are shepherds, not crop farmers. Shucks (sorry), he had nothing to apologize for…the corn was tender and sweet!
DSC_9825_aAs we left the farm/ranch/family home, up the road just a bit was a field filled with sandhill cranes!
DSC_9846_aAfter we finished with that interruption, we resumed our trip to the Soo for provisions.

Actually, we had taken so long with our detours, we needed to eat. So we tried a new restaurant called Lockview…that was across the street from the Soo Locks. Mmmmm, good Cajun spice walleye.

As we left…finally heading to the store for those provisions…we realized the International Bridge just a few hundred yards upstream from the Locks was all lit up in national colors! We took another detour, so we could catch a nice shot to share with you….
DSC_9936_aWhew, we finally headed to Wal-Mart. Doing life in an interesting fashion can take a lot of time!

We leave you now with this final picture that was taken on a different day, with an enchanted Ryan and a contemplative Ross!

6 thoughts on “Makin a run for provisions

  1. Again I say the people you have met are amazing!  What a wonderful day for all of you. I am sharing your posts with a Campion Academy classmate in Idaho.  He is fascinated with bridges as well.  So this will be another good one for him to see.  Take care! Carol


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