Sittin on the dock of the bay

A local musician pushed a barge past our dock…you like how it’s set up as his stage with the instruments and even chair, lamp, and chiminea for mood? You like the colors he’s flying? The eagle was in view from another dock at our campground.
DSC_6334_aDSC_9638_aDSC_6650_aDSC_9677_aDSC_6681_aDSC_6700_aRoss and Ryan are pictured with the logs used to build the “crib” bases for docks. Ross was tickled to hear the chainsaw being used nearby!

15 thoughts on “Sittin on the dock of the bay

      • Worked with your grandmother in the office at the Washington San 1956-57!
        She was a very talented, lovely lady. There were two age groups in that office: grandparent age; and pre-parent age!!! My pregnancy got me a lot of attention, especially since I worked up until a few hours before I delivered, and my husband was “that handsome intern”!!!! You were such a cutie. We had fun with your parents. When did you and I change hair color? And how come grey looks better on you than on me?! Unfair!

      • Ohhhh my goodness! I don’t think I knew of your connection with my Grandma Herdman! HA…I’ve always thought you wore grey very, very well! I’m enjoying the deference it creates in the younger ones I deal with these days.

    • Thank you! Ohhhhh yes, the eagle’s real….he/she frequents that spot off one of our docks most afternoons…and takes his fish catches to the roof of the red boat garage behind him in this shot.

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