Rollin, rollin, rollin

….keep those tractors rollin.

For three hours 907 antique tractors chugged across the Mighty Mac as part of the 6th annual Owosso Tractor Parts Antique Tractor Parade & Show!
DSC_8146_aSt Ignace is a very accommodating town…humoring tourists and all these other visitors that bring such massive traffic through the center of town.
DSC_8253_aOf course the center of town winds along the waterfront, so the scenery provides all kinds of distractions!
DSC_8192_aDSC_8380_panThey filled four large parking lots with all the tractors. Hotels on both sides of the bridge had scores of trailers parked around them, because the tractors had to be hauled to and from the event!

We had a little fun with Ross and Ryan. They were born in 1988, so we found an Oliver model 88 tractor. But we thought the clincher was the 1924 John Deere that was the first Deere ever sold in Michigan…representing the twins’ present age!
DSC_8368_aDSC_8341_aThis group was a great bunch of folks, who clearly let their hair down for this event. Although they got up early in Mackinaw City in order to parade across, and some of them had come great distances with the expense and effort all on their own shoulders, they were here to relax and have fun! One special tribute tractor was part of the parade, and was put on display beside vendor tents. It was a standout!

3 thoughts on “Rollin, rollin, rollin

    • We have a great time every day by doing things in ways that can include the boys….they qualify us for a handicap sticker, so we can park closer, for example. We’ll never hike the Appalachian trail, but we sure can drive the Blue Ridge Parkway!

      Ohhhh baby, Robyn & I learn so much every day! And have a riot!

      Thanks for the strokes….

  1. How neat to see all of those tractors!  My Kansas Farmer relatives would love that.   One who is now deceased, James Seltmann, drove his tractor to the White House, Probably hauled there then driven to the W H.  He flew his American flag upside down to indicate Distress.  He still has sons who farm as well as daughters and granddaughters!


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