We went for the turkey

…and stayed for the fair!

Ever since we arrived in Cedarville, we’ve been hearing about an annual all-you-can-eat turkey dinner in nearby Stalwart. The town’s Presbyterian Church puts on this event to help its emergency fund that benefits the elderly with large winter utility bills or the expense of medical trips. We made our plans to attend.

Ohhhh baby, it was gooood!

We made several new friends as we sat filling our faces at a large round table…and made plans to meet them same time same place next year!

But what was that sound? We kept hearing cows bellowing or something….

Good heavens, Michigan’s Biggest Little Fair was going on right next door! The 108th Annual Stalwart Agricultural Fair, to be exact.

Take a step back in time…this event is intended to be just what you’d have found at your county fair 100 years ago!

Besides the youth livestock judging, the key event of the day…the final event of the fair…was the heavy weight horse pull.

I’ve seen tractor pulls for 40 years, and they’re noisy and wild events, with lots of smoke and mud-slinging.

This was a horse of a different color…this was hard work! Even the men handling the horses worked hard to keep up with the horses.
DSC_9318_aThe sled loaded with 5000 pounds of weight slid on the track too easily, so they ran a chain underneath across its middle! And kept adding weight….
DSC_8961_aAt 6500 pounds there were a few stumbles…
DSC_9292_aBut the winning team managed to pull the sled with 7500 pounds in it!
DSC_9110_aThe dark sections on the horse’s neck and front legs are sweat! Several of these teams were horses that had just been brought from Mackinac Island where they were used for freight and passenger transportation. They winter in a couple of farms right around Stalwart and Pickford.

Wow, we left the fair with our bellies full and our spirits pumped by all we’d seen!

And turned the corner, to be greeted by this sight:
DSC_9337_aIn the next three miles, we took all these pictures from the car!
DSC_9392_aDSC_8560_aDSC_9475_aDSC_9517_aDSC_9575_aDSC_9523_aSorry about that last one….couldn’t resist.

This apparently is a pretty fair migration route for birds, and we think these were migrating….but you just can’t know without spending months watching every day. We’re told bald eagles are fairly common in this area.

Grinding gears one final time for this post:

Ross and Ryan have their birthday September 30. We like to celebrate birthdays all month long, so we thought we’d share some of that by photos along the way:

6 thoughts on “We went for the turkey

  1. Oh no, we left too soon! Saw the dinner advertised, but our schedule didn’t permit…thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and loved seeing the birthday guys starting early…

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