Go west, young man

We like the sound of that….and already have plans to spend our winter months this year on the west coast!

But here and now, it also applies. We’re parked very near the eastern end of the UP, and there’s 350 miles to explore in a westerly direction.

We’ll do some of that next summer up here, but thought we’d do a little this time.

We already told you of stopping by Hog Island a couple weeks ago. That was about 55 miles to our west.

Our destination this time was double that distance: Manistique.

At first we were unenthusiastic. The town of 3400 people is the county seat for Schoolcraft County, and is the only organized community in the county of 8400 residents. Here’s a tidbit: the town was named for the river that runs through it and empties into Lake Michigan, the Monistique River. The town’s name was misspelled in its charter papers, and was stuck with the name Manistique. The river eventually became known by the town’s spelling!

Ahhh, these trips are occasions to be reminded that not everything good in a place depends upon sheer numbers of people!

But I get ahead of myself.

Along the way, our route passed within 8 miles of Seul Choix Station lighthouse. No, it’s not pronounced that way. “Sis-shwa” is correct, which seems to be kind of a combination of the French name and the Native American name. Turns out the 8 miles are 4 miles of gravel….
DSC_7711_aBut seeeeee….it was worth it! Click on the photo to see the lovely details in the lighthouse tower.

The shoreline in front of the lighthouse is fascinating for at least one thing….it has waves of tiny mollusk shells. They are zebra mussels, the rogue European mollusk whose voracious eating habits are disrupting the Great Lakes ecosystem.
DSC_7669_aOur day had begun with rain, and no respite was forecast. Ahh, but there can be a benefit to going west…you run out of the rain.

But not the clouds.

Yeah, well clouds can still be the photographer’s friend, because they diffuse the light and prevent harsh shadows.
DSC_7807_aAnd….because they cause some high drama near sundown!
DSC_7764_aDSC_7785_aThe trip west was clearly (sorry) worth the drive, and the final call at sundown was a definitely an encore performance!

8 thoughts on “Go west, young man

  1. Oh my, I continue to be extremely jealous of your trek across our state up north. Such beauty to behold and you are capturing it magnificently. You and your better half could create a best seller coffee table book! Happy trails.

    • Welllll, Connie, you have the experiences in your territory that you share with us, and we have to enjoy them vicariously….until such time…..

      But thank you for the kind words, we both appreciate your compliments, and love being able to share our journey with you!

  2. Glad you have enjoyed our home state, Michigan, this summer. We have enjoyed your pics and have even learned some things that we didn’t know. You are right about there being alots more to explore in the UP. We are looking forward to reading about your future adventures this winter. Your really have a gift of sharing your travels. Sharon and Dave Turner

    • Thanks for hosting us all summer! Still have a few days in the UP….time enough for a special find or two! We look forward to seeing you here next summer…and until then it will be fun to travel and share with you here on the blog!

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