Any day in the Soo

…is a good day!

We needed a variety of provisions, and the day was too wet to be outside, so we drove to Sault Ste Marie.

If that sounds like a non sequitur, consider these facts: the Soo has the only Wal-Mart in the UP, and there are numerous sights available from the car or a few steps from curb-side.

Two examples here:

The International Bridge to Canada, shot in the rain from an open car window!
DSC_7590_aJust to the left of this lovely white and green vehicle bridge is a railroad bridge. It has two sections that lift, one of which is pictured here. It’s old, ugly, mammoth, and looks terribly complicated! I need to work a bit to get some shots of it for you, because it should be interesting….

Paul Bunyan, an Army Corps of Engineers crane barge, shot two steps from the parked car through a gap between barbed wire strands above an 8 foot chain link fence! It’s aptly named, I’d say.
DSC_7584_aAnd we ate some wonderful perch again, at a new restaurant!

Good choice, going to Soo!

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