Sending summer away with a bang

St Ignace has a big fireworks display every weekend of the summer, and this holiday weekend was the final one.

We tourists were in full attendance, and we bumped into a number who were up from the other side of the bridge just to catch the final show!

While there was still some daylight, we checked out a new vantage point we’d heard about for pictures of the Mac.

This one was supposedly used by the surveyors as the bridge was built.

What do you think?
DSC_7501_aI’d say so!

Just before fireworks, we ducked into a restaurant we’d not tried before….The Driftwood. Oh my, a new favorite place for perch!

I know those of you in Dayton just had a rockin blast with the WEBN fireworks in Cincinnati, but there’s just no such thing as too many fireworks!

8 thoughts on “Sending summer away with a bang

    • Thank you, Madeline! We had to go inside Straits State Park, then walk part way down a trail!

      The shots of fireworks were all shot at ISO 800 and f14. Where you see the launch & explosion they were exposed for 5 sec, and the red glow & big golden mushroom were exposed for 1.3 sec. I haven’t done the math, but I think you could shoot fireworks at 125th sec @ f5.6 with the faster ISO, but you have a more shallow depth of field, and focus is a problem. I set my focus manually here, I think at infinity because it was a fairly wide shot. The exposure is mostly set by f-stop, and the duration controls how much of the total explosion you catch. The red glow and mushroom shots were HUGE explosions in the finale, and their light would have been too much for a 5 sec exposure…at that duration, they would have turned out as just a bright blast all over the frame!

  1. The fireworks over the water must look like what Francis Scott Keys saw from the deck of the ship as he penned, “The rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.”

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