Short jaunt, l-o-n-g joy!

Just up the road from our campground is a conference center. We’ve wondered about the possible beauty of the site, because it is located on a long, narrow peninsula out into Lake Huron.

Turns out Cedar Campus, a mission of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is a really lovely spot. Even better, the staff are wonderful people who love helping others…and welcome those who drop by on a slow day!

The place operates camps and retreats for college students & graduates, church groups, and the community, for the purpose of fellowship, education, and training so they can be equipped to serve as disciples of Jesus. The rustic facilities were very naturally placed in the very lovely surroundings of the camp.

It was too hot for Ross and Ryan to spend much time outside, so our photos are quite limited.

The camp occupies the site of a former small lumber town. The remains of the mill chimney from a hundred years ago now serve as the base for the camp bell.
DSC_6817_aThe view from the porch of the main meeting lodge is pretty special.
DSC_6828_aThere’s a small bay that produces a nice beach for the camp, that opens into the larger bay to provide plenty of room for the small sailboats owned by the camp to be operated in an area protected from the stronger winds and larger waves of the big lake. The location is perfect!

All this is nice, and we enjoyed it, but our time outside was limited…so we had to be sure Ross and Ryan got some exercise and some fun while we were there.

Uh oh, some fairly tall swings.

Ross. Loves. Swings.

Can you tell?

8 thoughts on “Short jaunt, l-o-n-g joy!

  1. Looks like a great place to play and relax…I don’t know you all that well …but nice to have new friends…Ryan and Ross, seemed to be having a great time….nothing better than swinging or rocking I would say 🙂

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