We tour the channels!

For weeks now we’ve been gazing in wide wonder at the numerous channels between the numerous islands scattered along the shore of Lake Huron.

Robyn met a delightful man named Dick who makes wooden signs, and while talking to him about the possibility of a sign for our coach, she inquired whether he knew anyone who would be willing to take Ross and Ryan for a short boat ride. He said he’d think about it and check around.

The next day a man knocked on the door of the coach, introduced himself as Mike, Dick’s nephew, and offered to take us on a tour of the islands!

The islands are named Les Cheneaux (The Channels). They may provide the serene setting for a summer cabin, but the channels between them provide the way to get there and the excuse to have fun doing it!

Mike was great, his boat was great, the weather was great, the water was great, and the views were….well, you decide:

8 thoughts on “We tour the channels!

  1. What a wonderful experience for you all….the smiles on the boys faces….priceless! I think that i could enjoy living there….so very beautiful…everywhere is a picture. Thank you for taking me along….I really enjoyed it!!! Thank goodness I have friends all over the world that share their beautiful experiences with me and others….Happy Sabbath!!!

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