Gourd barn

Robyn heard from a new friend about an intriguing barn hereabouts and the remarkable lady who owns it.

We set out for a day’s adventure to visit it in some new territory.

Look what greeted us when we turned in the driveway:
DSC_5754_aRobyn immediately connected with Clarlyn, the retired school teacher who bubbles with ideas and activities in this more-than-a-century-old barn!
DSC_5769_aIt would be hard to define the operation, because the Gourd Barn hosts community dances and other events, Clarlyn operates workshops and other educational programs there, and she produces many and varied pieces of art that are based on gourds!

Robyn enjoyed the barn’s décor inside and out, and even found the surrounding grounds to be comfortable and pleasing!
DSC_5772_aDSC_5786_aWe left this creative spot to return home in a loop that would take us past an old, familiar spot. On the way there, we traveled some classic Michigan landscape:
DSC_5798_aThose of you who have been with us since we began this traveling odyssey may remember our fast loop through the UP two years ago. We spent all of eight days up here and visited only places where our coach could travel, because we didn’t have a car. We made some very special memories near the end of that loop when we parked in a very rustic campsite on the Lake Michigan coast facing a little island off-shore called Hog Island. The site was a ridiculous challenge for the coach (I can show you the large scratch down one side near the roof from this place!), but we slept with the sound of waves rolling against the shore all night. Ahhhh, but the best memory was waking up to see a bald eagle fishing directly in front of us! Robyn watched him operate near us for over an hour!
DSC_5812_aWe’ve probably parked in prettier spots, but this one was high on our nostalgia scale because of the connection to an earlier way of traveling and the sight-and-sound memories!

Our loop home passed within a mile of the Mighty Mac, so we stopped past near sundown.

Good move!

6 thoughts on “Gourd barn

      • To think that I could have been living there….oh well…my prairie is becoming beautiful to me….I believe that i am where I’m supposed to be presently, and I’m excited to discover the beauties on this landscape…..I’m bound and determined to always look for the “silver lining”…. and, you know something…I always do find it, even it’s only a single silver thread!!!

  1. Ah, but the pics that emit from The Big Taxi are beyond way tooooo kool!!!! ….that is, the pics as well as the commentary!!! I need to do a road trip!!

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