What’s for dinner?

Late afternoon around here is fun, because the breeze quiets down and the sun begins its evening descent.

No surprising sundowns…you get plenty of warning.

The horizon can be nearly infinite if you look from the shoreline across Lake Huron, and it seems the fields can go forever. The sky definitely is infinite…usually with clouds coming or going…but also with a full palette of color liberally used!

Good time to be on your way to dinner somewhere.

On our way, we stopped at a small bay to see its shoreline in the early twinges of golden glow.
DSC_6927_aWe also ran across what passes for graffiti hereabouts:
DSC_6933_aOur destination was Raber Bay Bar, a place talked about for miles around. Across the street from it, this view called our names:
DSC_6940_aAfter a fine dinner of local-catch perch, we moved a few yards to the boat ramp. Someone has worked hard to make the spot a real comfortable place to be, especially near sundown….

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