How about some green?

Not that kind, although we did pass two casinos….

We drove up to Brimley, a very small settlement just west of the Soo. Its claim to fame are the two Indian casinos on the outskirts of town.

We passed this graveyard.
DSC_6972_aThe wooden boxes on the ground are spirit houses above grave sites. Besides protecting the grave, they held tools and resources that the dead would need to sustain them on their trip to the land of the spirits.

We were headed to the Iroquois Point Lighthouse.
DSC_7026_aThis lighthouse is built where Lake Superior narrows into the St Mary River, which flows through the Soo Locks to the east.

Around the back, the land drops quite a bit down to the water level. The trees are thick and rich.
DSC_7024_aLighthouses needed constant attention, so the full-time keeper of the light usually lived with his family in a home often attached to the lighthouse tower. This one has been out of service for some time, but is very well maintained. I couldn’t get this one tourist to move along and out of the photo….she kept waving to me!
DSC_7012_aOn this day’s trip, we passed many fields with their hay bales all neatly placed near barns. But we passed a number of very large fields where the bales were still sitting in the field with new grass growing up around them, like this one.

4 thoughts on “How about some green?

  1. Maybe just too much hay and no place to go with it. When they need it they just go get it. They might also only cut one cutting so why pick it up till you have to. One other thought: this is Yooper country, and they do what they do.

  2. Love the pics and running details. Love the smooth rocks too…just paid good money for a few of them. Must have too many rocks rolling around in my noodle to buy something that should be free, right?

    • Thank you, Gracie, glad you enjoy our blog. This type of rock is everywhere up here….even used for house walls and a couple of commercial buildings. You could plan a vacation up this way…and pull a small trailer…

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