Another blue day

HA, no sadness here…we’re Yoopers, eh!

We headed to St Ignace on a lovely day. You know the place, just across Big Mac in the UP.

With 30 miles to go if by land, and 20 if by sea, here was our blue view.
(click on it for detail in the center)
DSC_6707_aAhhhh, but we were just getting started with blue views. Once in town, which is nestled around a curving harbor that faces Mackinac Island, everywhere we turned there was blue water and blue sky….and action!
DSC_6733_aDSC_6757_aThe harbor was certainly alive! And overhead:
DSC_6730_aDSC_6788_aDSC_6766_aAnd the boats! That trimaran was named “Night Baseball”, with a home port of Philadelphia. The catamaran coming toward it was one of the ferry boats on its way back from Mackinac Island, in the background. The boat rounding the lighthouse was another Mackinac Island ferry boat.
DSC_6787_aDSC_6806_aAt the end of the day, still more!

3 thoughts on “Another blue day

  1. Always liked St. Ignace,the Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox statues on the far edge of town, and the best fudge on the planet. Getting close to “somewhere in time” weekend on Mackinac named for the Jane Seymour – Christopher Reeve movie.Wish I was there

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