The superior lake

Oh, those pejorative labels…..

Someone named it that way, and it could be as simple as it being in the superior position of the five great lakes….

Or it could be the most beautiful of the five…..

I’m not going there, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Whitefish Point and Tahquamenon Falls were the destinations for our day. And what a day!
DSC_6158_aClear blue sky, strong breeze that required a light jacket, deep blue waters, a view across the lake that showed the hills of Canada.
DSC_6169_aMichigan has done well to preserve the setting of the falls at Tahquamenon. They occur in a large upper falls, and four miles downstream a series of five smaller ones called the lower falls. Each set requires a fair walk from parking lots.
DSC_6282_aWe visited the upper falls, which are the third largest falls by volume east of the Mississippi.

The amber color of the water is caused by tannins leached from cedar, spruce and hemlock in the swamps drained by the river. The extremely soft water churned by the action of the falls causes the large amounts of foam, which has been the trademark of the Tahquamenon since the days of the early voyagers.

4 thoughts on “The superior lake

  1. On my boat trip, we docked right where Robyn is in her photo. I too took several pictures of the old hulks lying around on the beach there. My boat would have been right behind Robyn about two from the back. We departed on the same planks she’s standing on, and walked to the Shipwreck Museum. Did you get to see it?

    • We walked around the cluster of buildings with the lighthouse & shipwreck museum, but it wouldn’t have worked on that day to take the boys inside! Cool place with much to see. Pretty dreadful marina!

  2. Dreadful marina, yes, but a very welcome respite from what had developed for us out on the lake coming across from the Soo Lock. Huge aft swells pushing us, which made it very difficult to control the boat. It was a huge relief to finally enter that marina with the mighty waves crashing up and over the breakwater.

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