Drummmmm roll, please

The eastern edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is the shoreline along which boats and ships must travel in order to reach Lake Superior through the Soo Locks.

At its easternmost tip, De Tour Village faces Drummond Island across the channel where all these craft must pass.

That makes Drummond Island the extreme eastern portion of the state. Its historic claim to fame: the island was the last British outpost on American soil following the Treaty of Ghent, finally returned to American hands in 1828.

Today, its claim to fame is more down to earth: over two-thirds of the island is owned by the State of Michigan, and there are many miles of carefully drawn trails that are designated for ATVs and full-grown four-wheelers, and an endless array of harbors and coves around its convoluted shoreline that is dotted with numerous small islands. The ferryboat to and from the island is always full of pickups hauling trailers with boats or off-road vehicles.

We found the island to have a simple approach to life and business. In its 20-mile length and 10-mile breadth, there was one blinker traffic light…at the only real crossroad. The largest marina on the island has a dirt boat launch. Equipment for rent or use by those in vacation cottages are not locked up….they’re resting on the shore.
DSC_4869_aDSC_4878_aThe few year-round residents can be a crafty, even quirky, bunch. The “unique cedar furniture” is created by an old logger who sits in a steno chair with a small chain saw. Notice the taller table in the foreground of the picture below: its legs are in the shape of a large dog sitting on its haunches….except it has 3 front legs!
DSC_5006_aWe found no explanation for the trees filled with pairs of boots, shoes, and sandals at the entrance of a drive to a personal residence.
DSC_4913_aSimple solutions are applied to common problems: directions to homes and businesses are posted at intersections by home-made signs nailed to whatever is handy!
DSC_5019_aDrummond Island was a delightful place to spend the day, especially a late summer day….71 degrees with clear skies, nice breeze all day, the vegetation so lush you can’t walk off trail, and around every corner was a lovely bay on Lake Huron!
DSC_4977_aAnd on the way home…..

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