Along the shore

This area of country is about as un-commercialized as any you’ll ever see.

The reason, I think, is the few people who live here year-round don’t need much….they’ve come here for the simple life….and most visitors are relatives of those who live here OR whose families have vacationed here for generations….and they’ve come here for the simple life!

The village where we’re parked can’t support two gas stations….there’s an empty Shell station. The BP station sells t-shirts & hunting licenses and rents videos.

The single grocery store serves two villages, and is closed on Sundays. The single hardware store is a small-town gem, with one of everything under the sun and two of a couple things!

The roads mostly go straight. This picture was shot on a rare hazy day, but see the line of low hills at the horizon? Sault Ste Marie….on the Canadian side…..about 28 miles….up the road that was laid out by a rifle!
DSC_4354_a“What,” I hear you ask, “does this have to do with the shore?”


Know how you go to St Augustine but can barely see the water, and then usually from the moving car window? Tall hotels line the shore….

Know how you can stop along Highway 1 in a dozen places near Bodega Bay? Oops, no room to park because they’re all jammed with people….

The shoreline here is unspoiled and available.

The main road runs along the shore for 35 miles from Interstate 75 (yes, the same one we drove in Dayton every day for 36 years!) east to the end of land at De Tour Village.

The second picture below shows the multiple shorelines that occur with the multiple Les Cheneaux Islands.

The final picture below is the marina at De Tour Village. I’m told most of the large ships going to and from Lake Superior and the Soo Locks travel the channel between De Tour Village and Drummond Island….which is just on the other side of this marina. Maybe we’ll get some shots for you before we leave the area….

8 thoughts on “Along the shore

    • Oh yes! We’re still here for two weeks, and could arrange to stay two more! Gonna miss Defeated this fall and probably next spring, because of a west coast trip. Will give you a shout before we do….would love to see you again!

    • Catch a ride on a meteor tonite and drop when you see Big Mac….you should land right here! Course, who would take all those fine pictures of Jim, Cindy, and Bubba…..

      • Haha.. Talkin of meteor’s.. I’m sure Yer all gettin some heavenly sights of em up thar ?
        I’ll leave the the birds ta Jim.. Ya know the Bald one, with the rouge on the face ?

      • Couldn’t look for meteors last night…too exhausted from a day of wooden boats…but might tonight if clouds move off.

        Yeah, bald Jim with ruddy cheeks….

  1. I stayed in DeTour Marina on my boat trip! I think when I got diesel fuel there, it was the highest price I paid on my entire trip – something well over $4/gallon. My siblings all went ashore to explore, but I stayed back to clean the boat. The next morning, we took off to Mackinac Island with a forecast of mild conditions. HA! That voyage was the roughest one I had on the boat, the wind and swells were so huge. Luckily, the swells were coming straight at us and not from the side. We simply puttered along slowly until we arrived MANY hours later than we thought we would, and exhausted from fighting the wheel all day long. Enjoying your posts! Continue to have fun. Did you see that Morgan graduated from basic training in San Antonio?

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