In the evening

Every day here begins quietly….no breeze, no boats creaking against the dock, no seagulls calling, calling….it’s very still.

As the shore comes alive, so does the water, and so does the breeze. Little waves begin to cause little creaks from little boats moored near our coach, little motors purr on small utility boats, the seagulls squawk and cry, the wind rustles the leaves, voices carry across the water.

Clouds alternate with sun all day long. Rain on the roof every three nights or so.

We’ve heard a siren once in 14 days.

No one’s in a hurry, not the vacationers whose presence has tripled since we arrived, and certainly not the locals.

Businesses close at 5pm (the bakery at 2p!), but restaurants stay open late…to 8p on weekdays.

It’s 8 now….and the breeze is almost gone, so is the sun, and so are the boats on the bay.

It’s evening.

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