Is that thunder?

Boyne City is probably best known for snow skiing.

But the town is alive and kicking all year long, because it sits at the south end of Lake Charlevoix, and people who snow ski often water ski…and more!

It’s the “more” that keeps this city pounding.

Like the Boyne Thunder Poker Run. For boats. Wild and crazy boats.

We caught the 10th Annual run, and oh baby, these people are lunatics!
(click on any picture for a larger view)
Certainly nothing subtle about the boats! Not just large with flamboyant paint, they usually have two huge, powerful engines, and sophisticated hulls and drivetrains. One reportedly hit a top speed on Lake Michigan of 140pmh! The sounds of the engines could be heard for miles!
But not everything about the event and the day involved boats flying over the water. The 40 or so boats and their crews pulled into Charlevoix harbor for lunch, and gave the rest of us a few moments to pay attention to all the other fabulous boats and features of this small harbor.
This scene reminded me of Star Wars stormtroopers.
The harbor clearly caters to boaters, what with fast food available beside your boat, and condos with boat garages.
Finally, the boats ran out of fuel, the drivers got tired, or the race was over….and all the boats parked. These boats were still screaming! The mildest-looking boat was actually the wildest: the white and red one pictured next-to-last below, had two exotic turbine engines that put out double the power of any other boat. It was so fast the cockpit was enclosed! We never could pin down the pilot (it’s closer to a jet than a boat) for a top speed figure!

2 thoughts on “Is that thunder?

  1. Ya know if there was a couple hundred Million in my back pocket….. I sure would be lookin very close at one of them thar Boats… Ugh 🙂

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