Back to nature

There are soooo many parks and nature preserves in Michigan!

Some are nicely paved and trimmed, and festooned with trails, decks, and railings.

Most are left alone, nearly all-natural, with some bark- or stone-chips to define a trail, and minimal signage.

A few are like this:
The Lil Taxi pushed aside tall grass and small branches to travel this path….to get to the Oden Island Nature Preserve! Like a Michigan safari….

What a location!
Just six miles from Lake Michigan, out on the tip of a small island that is mostly occupied by a private association of homeowners.

Once we made it to the preserve, we didn’t dare get out of the car, because of the squadron of flying insects that accompanied us!

Really great place, but too dark to take a photo without a tripod…..

We returned to the Big Taxi in order to break camp and move from our site in Petoskey. After a month, we have moved down the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix for 10 days. New territory!

We’ll have one bit of fun to share with you for sure: the Ironton Ferry! We stopped past a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t yet open for the season.

It is now!

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