Artists, boats, cairns, and cookies

Petoskey sits in the middle of a fertile crescent ripe with tourism.

A good tourism, not endless lines of cars & campers inching toward gas stations and bait shops.

Robyn’s bike path, the Little Traverse Wheelway, runs the length, skirting the large bay with sweet stops to savor the view and stay comfortable with cooling breezes.

Shoreline temperatures so far have been in the very low 70s, and the breeze has kept the coach from becoming an oven in the constant sun!

There are numerous parks for casual stopping….next to marinas, beside creeks and rivers that flow into the bay, interrupting the endless woods with a spot for a picnic….

Most of the restaurants and stores are locally owned and operated, with local taste reflected in their offerings.

We’re lovin it, and don’t want to leave!

The boys had fun one evening this week jumping on the masonry floor of the bandshell in Charlevoix (imagine the sounds!), then we had fun eating fresh fish in one of the nearby shops.

The next afternoon we went discovering in Harbor Springs, and hit paydirt: sailboat art, artists painting sailboats, homemade cookies by Tom’s Mom, an entire peninsula owned by a private association that keeps the rest of us from even walking along their streets!

And back home in Petoskey, always an entertaining sunset on the bay….

6 thoughts on “Artists, boats, cairns, and cookies

  1. I see more art in your photos each day. You must publish a book on your Michigan adventure, am certain their tourism board would join you in this enterprise. Thank you for honoring us with all this beauty. Tom C.

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