Day and night

We’ve said before that our excursions in the Lil Taxi often don’t do justice to our destinations.

That would be particularly true of yesterday.

Boyne Mountain.

I learned to snow ski here….back in the day of black-and-white television, I think.

Turns out it’s a happening place even in summertime, because they have an indoor waterpark!

They keep the grounds around the condos and hotels at the base looking lovely in fresh green growth. It would have been great to run up the mountain and shoot from there….

Here’s some trivia about Boyne: it has current use of the first ski chairlift erected in the world! The lift was originally located at Sun Valley, Idaho in 1936, but was later moved to Boyne. Parts of it operate there today.

The two daytime photos below were taken with a new camera we have, with a super-wide lens that is cute but lacking in detail for outdoor panorama shots. Its claims to fame are that it’s tiny (2.25 x 1 x 1.5 in), can do action video in HD (no focusing), and it has an underwater housing with a remote trigger! We’ll have fun with some novel shots in the coming months….

We had some fun around sundown and later, as the Super Moon rose in the eastern sky. If only I had Roger’s 400mm and teleconverter….

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