We’re overdosing on fun

We noticed a trolley drive through our park this afternoon, and found out it made an hourly loop through town.

This was the first evening of its season, and ridership is always free!

Turned out the driver is Kyle, a lovely lady who teaches school the rest of the year. Her husband even joined the ride at a stop along the route.

Both are long-time Petoskey residents, and we received a wonderful description of the town features as we passed.

It helped to be the only riders. Kyle even stopped so we could take pictures!

Tonight was Gallery Walk, with art galleries open late and artists displaying their work and talents everywhere we went.

The stained glass window below is in the town cultural arts center.

As we finished the loop, Kyle’s husband offered to take our picture to commemorate the event!

What a place! We’re having so much fun in the town of Petoskey and with the great people who live here!

10 thoughts on “We’re overdosing on fun

    • Pete!

      Just one foot in front of the other….

      We really have had a great time here, because everything is right at hand….every store we could need, every restaurant we could possibly imagine, the fabulous scenery that never ends, and glorious weather. And the people we talk to, buy from, and work with are all really wonderful children of God.

      You never want to go to sleep, because there’s so much to occupy your attention!

      Ahhhh, I’m over that one….goodnite.

      Really nice to have you along, Peter!

  1. Just wanted you and Robyn to know I am keeping up with you even if I don’t comment. You always make my day! Thanx Ocala Ruth

  2. Doug and family, thought you should know that the Petosky stone is the state’s chosen mineral! Great pics with lots of color. Will forward some pics of our new place in Ky soon. Blessings.TC

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