Just plain fun

Wmph mummph ummn wha?

Robyn woke me before 6am.

No, coach not on fire. “Killer sunrise,” she said.
Okay, maybe. You be the judge, I’m going back to sleep.

Just kidding. We got going earlier than usual today, and spent the day doing stuff right around town.

Thought I’d share a couple of the oddities we pass every day.

The music equipment store:
The vacation house furnishings store and its pair of fish chairs:
Nothing odd about a brief race between friends on their sailboats:
We’re back in the Taxi watching the sunset out the front windshield….to end another day in paradise.


8 thoughts on “Just plain fun

  1. I think I mentioned to you during our visit that Traverse City was picked as #1 retirement community for sailors. I was surprised but then I saw all the waterways on the mitten’s northwest coast and . . . wow!

    • Yes, you did, Ed. I’m not surprised about its choice as #1. All these towns north of Traverse are smaller than it….much smaller. And the areas around Traverse seem endless with their sections of coastline. Still, hard to go wrong as a sailor anywhere from Traverse and north!

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