Around every bend in the road

When we were up this way two years ago, we took the Big Taxi through the Tunnel of Trees.

Sheesh, we were brave.

It’s 20 miles long, over pavement so narrow they don’t even paint a center line, past trees that grow so close to the road and so tall that they meet over the road.

With constant twists and turns as it endeavors to follow the bluff along the coastline above Lake Michigan.

Ahhh, but this time we have the Lil Taxi.

We’ve driven it several times already, and even have done some exploring of side roads.

One dirt road goes for several miles below the bluff, seemingly almost in the surf!

As you come around a corner, this lovely little church bursts into view:
What a delightful discovery!

However, a quick look at the lake caused us to gather up everything and everyone and get moving again, because we had left some windows open in the coach:
Shucks, no need for alarm, around the next bend the downpour stopped almost as soon as it started…..and we were greeted by this sight:

8 thoughts on “Around every bend in the road

  1. Enjoyed a 10-minute rain shower when biking on Mackinac Island . . . stood under a tree(s) where it was “bone-dry” (my boys words) and when it stopped we continued. We were dry by the time we got back to town. Alas . . . no rainbow.

  2. I was driving up there a few years ago & just happened onto that Tunnel of Trees, and it was absolutely beautiful. This evening, coming home from a meeting at PMC, I saw a beautiful rainbow against dark clouds, forming a backdrop to the entrance to AU. Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me.

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