Gerald “Jerry” Herdman, 1929 to 2004
history professor, bricklayer/mason, fly fisherman, husband, father to two sons….my Dad:
Dad (5)_a
Dad (11)_a
Dad (12)_a
Dad (14)_a
Dad in Erie_a

Claude Fell
lover of nature, creative, wonderful dad to three children, husband, grandpa….love you Dad! Robyn:
Fell, Claude 325162_10150991087282031_625752244_o_a

By Robyn for Jared, Ross, and Ryan:
Doug Herdman
the best driver for this journey, awesome photographer & storyteller, caring dad for our three boys:

12 thoughts on “Saaaaaaalute!

    • I’m tearing up Douglas Herdman! Your Father was an awesome man. I am blessed to have been part of his life. He taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and for that I am eternally grateful. He left each person he met and student he taught better than he found us by truly “living” his life to the fullest. The “Big Taxi” adventure is such a tribute to all that is right with this world and your Dad would be so proud. Thank you for reminding us that each new day brings unexpected simple delights when we slow down enough to discover them. Love to you Robyn and the boys. So looking forward to seeing you all when you are in this neck of the woods. Peg Herdman-Stone

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