Old friends and new friends

Ed and Dora stopped by a couple days ago. They live in northern California and were doing a tour up this way, and arranged their schedule to include a quick grip-and-grin with us in Petoskey.

As a kid in elementary and high school, I lived across the street from Dora and 4 houses from Ed….we go way back! Robyn knew them both from school, too.

It was great to see them again, even briefly (they were headed to Mackinac Island for the day), but an added pleasure was to meet their twins!

I struggle to remember their names….oh that’s right, Doug and Dave (my brother is named Dave).
Ross and Ryan enjoyed all the company at the coach, but seemed to connect best with these new twin friends!

We went to bed that evening a little earlier than usual, because we were needing maximum energy the next day for an island tour ourselves.

5 thoughts on “Old friends and new friends

  1. Yes, we just had them here a few days ago for their grandfather’s burial. I’m glad they could combine some pleasure with the trip back here.

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