A day away….far, far away

We spent yesterday on Mackinac Island, and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

The morning had fog so thick we drove with headlights on, and the ferry navigated by radar and feel….

But within minutes of landing on the island, the fog burned off and sun shined brightly the rest of the day! Very light breeze, 69 degrees.

We took Ross and Ryan’s push chairs, and so could cover more ground smoothly. Or maybe grandly.

The focal point of the island seems to be the Grand Hotel. It works hard to live up to its name.

It occupies the high ground. Its front porch is the longest in the world. The fanciest carriages in town say Grand Hotel on them. The place is exquisitely maintained.

It’s just grand.

We spent time on its porch, ate lunch in one of its restaurants, and shot photos of its views…it was all grand!

But there is a lot more to the island….how best to see some of it?

We found the best way….a buggy and driver for the four of us!

We were able to tour just where we wanted, stop any time for a photo, and find out all we wanted from our pleasant, young driver. He’s been doing this for 6 years and lives year-round on the island.

Despite the slow pace of life on this island with no cars or trucks, the day flew past….we saw more than we could recall and enjoyed more than we could fully appreciate!

We arrived back in Petoskey right at sunset….and even it was grand!

4 thoughts on “A day away….far, far away

  1. Really enjoyed reading the “grand visit,” comments! Love the pictures and truly sounds & looks like everyone enjoyed a beautiful day & time…..♥

    • I never got up here when I lived in Berrien Springs….had to wait 40 years! We all had a blast yesterday….taking today to recover!

      Glad you enjoyed the pics, nice to have you along on our travels!

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