All roads lead to Big Mac

DSC_2005_aWe were 14 miles from the bridge when we realized it was already in our view!

We continue to marvel at the trees that line so many roads, and the lush greenery everywhere we go.

It has rained a number of times since we arrived, but they have been fleeting. The constant breeze keeps the weather patterns moving.

Speaking of moving, how about that boat? It belongs to one of the three companies that ferry passengers back and forth to Mackinac Island. This company’s schtick is the big spray from the hydro-jet engine. Another company uses catamaran hulls, it says for speed and smooth ride.

We’ll probably go over to the island later this week…and have a million photos to share with you!

7 thoughts on “All roads lead to Big Mac

  1. Thanks for the update, we appreciate hearing and seeing your travels and adventures. I hope that you got up into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My son and I biked (as in bicycle) and camped it all in 1991. It is awesome! We have finally had some dry and warm weather here in Iowa but haven’t caught up with the mowing here in Jefferson County Park yet.
    Take care, Ron and Jeri Meyers (from Winter in Salt Springs 2013)

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