Water water everywhere

If you don’t like water, you won’t enjoy this part of the country.

On the other hand, if you’re like us and love water, you will be very happy no matter which way you turn!

Creeks and rivers feeding into lakes around every corner. Big lakes, little lakes.

And boats….everybody has a boat!

We made a short run down to Charlevoix, where Lake Charlevoix has a nice channel into Lake Michigan.

The channel crosses under US 31 and requires a drawbridge for sailboats and large power boats. So many need egress and ingress that the bridge raises on the hour and half-hour all day long.

In a very small section of town there are a number of houses whose architect was a local man with unusual ideas.

The house pictured below is considered to be one of his most beautiful, and is known as the mushroom house. The roof curves and undulates, and you can see how the walls get thicker from top to bottom in the left side window opening.

Back up in Petoskey, condos line a rocky bluff along the shoreline of Little Traverse Bay.

Sundown here is always glorious….

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