We’re well and truly north

Just a quick shot of the Mackinac Bridge, so you can be sure we arrived in the North:
This thing occupies views for miles. It is the longest suspension bridge between anchorages in the western hemisphere! (The anchorages are the nearest points outside the two huge towers.)

Big Mac.

DSC_1821_aWe made a dash trip up to Mackinaw City so we could get some good pasties for lunch, then took our time coming back….down along the western shoreline.

DSC_1825_aThat turned out well, because the sun eventually came out. We also renewed acquaintances with several fun and colorful places along the way.

One was this Beyond Bliss sign in the middle of nowhere. We had seen it on our previous trip along this path two years ago, but we were in the Big Taxi, and couldn’t stop soon enough for a picture! Turns out the sign is on the outskirts of Bliss Township, just north of the very small town of Cross Village, where the annual Blissfest is held.

Blissfest should not be taken lightly. Each July, 4000 to 6000 people pay over $125 each to camp for the weekend and listen to music on 3-6 stages!

Ahhh, but our memory of this area involved food….Legs Inn!

Thanks to Bruce Cameron’s timely suggestion on the blog two years ago, we steered the coach over some VERY small and twisty roads to swing past an iconic and eclectic restaurant.

Owned and operated by the Smolak family for the past 90 years, this restaurant with its distinctive décor serves up authentic Polish cuisine.

DSC_1833_aWe were treated like members of the family….Ross spent time stomping on the wooden floor in the bar area, and Ryan made friends with the art work!

Actually, Kathy Smolak spent quite a bit of time with us, and made sure we had an extra serving of dessert and some extra pierogis to take home! She remembered us from two years ago, because Robyn had taken the boys to the outside dining area where there was a bench swing….we almost didn’t leave!

This time we almost didn’t leave, because we enjoyed the food so much and enjoyed talking with Kathy so much and met several area residents who were dining there who offered us the use of their beach access….and Ross and Ryan were having so much fun!

Indeed, a good time was had by all. This is the way dinner should be….good and fun!

Our route on the way home brought us to Harbor Springs on a bluff above Little Traverse Bay. The view below shows Petoskey across the bay, past a peninsula that protects Harbor Springs from the full force of Lake Michigan storms.

4 thoughts on “We’re well and truly north

  1. Hope you saw giant Paul Bunyan statue just outside St Ignace, St Ignace had some of t he best chocolate fudge ever made! Blessings.tc

  2. I had the adventure of passing under the bridge during my boat trip in 2010. We had just departed west from Mackinaw City marina, and ended the day at Beaver Island out in Lake Michigan.

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