The beauty of the north

In a single day’s driving loop, we encountered the following glorious scenes.

Each photo could’ve been taken from the window of the Lil Taxi, save the lighthouse!

Notice the single pine tree photo: how its branches grow all to one side….because of the terrific wind where it’s located at the northern tip of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore.

The picture after that, the overlook showing the tops of trees on hill after hill for miles: did you know the terrain in this part of Michigan had that much rise and fall?

We think these scenes are just the tip of the iceberg…as it were (it was only 36 degrees last night).

We up the coast to Petoskey today, and will be parked at the edge of Lake Michigan for the next month.

Oh baby, are we going to show you some fun: the Tunnel of Trees, Big Mac, Mackinac Island, Legs Inn, so many harbors and lighthouses you’ll get seasick, and more gorgeous natural beauty than some people see in a lifetime (because they go for the glitz of the cities!).

Check the “What’s next?” tab above, for an updated prediction of our schedule through the end of the year.

Hang on….

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