This traveling lifestyle has a couple limitations. If you live in the cold north, we probably won’t see you for months.

Six, in the case of Robyn’s mother, who lives in Kokomo, IN!

Her granddaughter lives just a few miles away, and sees her frequently. Marion, her only other daughter, flies or drives up every few months. We generally see her every couple months when it’s warm.

And what a lovely time of year this is, with the abundance of spring rain bringing out the best color everywhere, and blossoms just thick!

We dry camp beside a farmer’s field at her assisted living building and Kroger is two miles away, so it’s sure comfortable and convenient!

Marion has surprised us all by driving up, and will be here today!



One person in the Dayton area outside our family has been involved in the lives of Ross and Ryan more than any other: Mandy Jacobs Creekmur.

Their contact with her began in 1998 during summer camp run by Centerville Schools for kids who needed some help in the summer months to avoid backsliding on their learning during that long break from school.

She was the classroom attendant for one or both of them for years after, until she left to pursue her bachelor’s and then master’s degrees in special education.

However, she never left from involvement in Ross and Ryan’s lives, because she worked with us privately to care for them in our home.

….and because they were invited to her wedding to Don, where Ross spent 20 minutes on the dance floor with her and by himself in front of the live band!

She is the classroom teacher for a whole room full of special needs children these days. She and Don live next to Cox Arboretum, so we arranged to meet them there. We all had fun!