Only feet from the street

We are wheeled explorers, because Ross and Ryan really can’t walk much distance.

Yesterday and today we explored a small portion of the countryside between Sleeping Bear Dunes and Traverse City. Small, because it was just one loop, and because the exploration occurred within just steps of the pavement!

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves, with one exception.

The bird behind the wire fence is an endangered Piping Plover sitting on its nest. The Forest Service has placed a cage over the nest, but its wire grid is just large enough for the parent birds to get through…but not for predators. The nest is right in the path of the public access from our campground to Lake Michigan, and a large area has been cordoned off around the cage. Fascinating to see such conservation!

These are half the photos; we’ll post the other half tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Only feet from the street

  1. Your photos are as always, Great!, the stories always interesting, what a great life you are living. Keep it up and keep us posted.Thanks, Ron & Jeri Meyers, in rain soaked Iowa!

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