Sunny beaches

What a great place to be….near the beach, temperatures in the high 70s.

Truth be told, Rich and Laura….and the rest of Michigan….are having a bumper crop of mosquitos this year. This is a particular problem for Ross and Ryan, because they don’t have the understanding to brush away those little pests, neither do they have the understanding to avoid scratching the itchy bites! Hoo boy, bug bites become huge problems for us with the boys!

But the beach has none of them! Well let’s get going!

We headed to the shore yesterday….only 14 miles away….and by the time we got there, we got this.
Ah, Michigan: if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.

So we drove, exploring areas of Muskegon we’ve not seen before. North Muskegon was fun. Mostly a peninsula just a couple blocks wide.

DSC_1003_aCaught a glimpse of sailboats across the bay….dedicated sailors….apparently a practice class for the first race of the season this coming weekend.

And then, the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly!

DSC_1050_aWe found ourselves in the midst of some grand dunes, and we just HAD to get Ross and Ryan up on a big one! Notice our jackets? It was still quite cool…just the mid-50s, and quite a breeze.

DSC_1020_aBut the view was awesome, and so dramatically different than just minutes before!

Got another shot of the lighthouse, from the north side, in the late afternoon sun.

We thought of hanging around atop the big dune to see how the view changed as the sun went down….and then we looked around.

Whoa, another big change: the fog was coming in on little cat feet! Hurry to the car.

4 thoughts on “Sunny beaches

  1. We love this area. We have camped several times at Muskegon State park. Silver lake is nice with Mack woods dune rides. Modified pick ups that take you for a fun ride to the lake through and over and around dunes.

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