What a grand time!

All day the weather threatened us with bodily harm, but nothing developed here.

However, 25 miles east of us in Grand Rapids they had flash flooding up to the door handles of cars parked downtown, and hail like golf balls!

Sheesh, we went west to the beach again….

DSC_0879_aOn the way there, we passed this lovely barn and had to stop for a photo. The farm has been operated by the same family for over 150 years!

Grand Haven was even more grand than yesterday….what with only a tenth of the people! Weekday evenings are almost lonely.

DSC_0883_aWe like Grand Haven because it has a lovely and lengthy walkway beside the Grand River all the way from downtown out to the end of the pier and its lighthouse. Ross and Ryan enjoy the sections of wood planks along part of it, and then the areas of blown sand that make walking more interesting.

DSC_0914_aThe lake wave action was more than Sunday, and was cooler….perfect temperature and a nice breeze.

Lovely day….a good time was had by all….

On the way home, we saw this unusual yard collection….much more high-brow than the usual flamingos and deer….

2 thoughts on “What a grand time!

  1. Love your photos, glad life is treating you all well. Enjoy your time in Michigan. How long will you be here?

    • Thanks, Connie! We’re somewhere in the state at least through July, but maybe August & September as well. Looking to spend time in the UP after July….lots of places, but many don’t have all the hookups we need.

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