Back in Michigan!

We survived two weeks of parking in parking lots, getting interior changes and upgrades, and getting annual chassis maintenance and some upgrades. Both shops were wonderful to deal with, and we’re really smiling after these changes!

And we’re near Lake Michigan again, parked at the farm of our friends Rich and Laura. You may recall we first met them two Christmases ago on the South Carolina coast, and arranged to spend this past Christmas with them at a campground off Pensacola, FL.

Their farm is only 13 miles from the Lake Michigan shoreline at Grand Haven, MI, so we’re having a good time running over to the beach for this and that. Crowded there yesterday, for the first really nice weekend of the summer. Ha, but we found a nice out-of-the-way area that gave us the views and sand and nearby parking, without all the crowds!

And a park on the Grand River also offered a fun walkway through some wetlands and waterfowl!


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