More stormin

We wish we could have learned the stories for each of the barns we’ve shown you. Several farms had “Century Farm” signs out front, with the explanation in one case that the farm had been in operation over a hundred years, and in another case that it was over two hundred years!

One farmer told me that he stored hay and sheltered a couple calves in a ramshackle barn on his property, and that last winter he pulled some hay to use that had been stored there for over 25 years!

Clearly some landowners can’t justify the maintenance/restoration needed for their barns, because no crops or animals are showing nearby….but they still store the lawn tractor or extra pickup in them.

Today’s post will be the last for the crowd of 60+ Tennessee barns we shot. The remainder will be posted in the coming days under our photo tab near the top of the page; I’ll tell you here when they get added.

Tomorrow we get the coach and our gear ready to travel. Friday we run back down to Chattanooga for a few days with a whole bunch of my mother’s Ashlock relatives. One thing’s for sure with them….we will feast like kings on food from India!

Next Tuesday we will begin the drive up to Dayton, and will arrive Wednesday evening for a week’s stay. Busyyyyy: 6 medical appointments, 3 friends graduating, seeing my brother and his family, and spending all the time possible with Jared!

But first, barns:

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