We interrupt the stormin

For a moment, there’s something more important than barnstormin.

Today was the 19th anniversary of the day we married. Some people thought they felt the earth move that day…..

Robyn and I have had an amazing journey to this point, and we look forward to the coming days and years of sharing our love as we do life together!
It really is fun to share our journey with you in this manner. Sometimes our day is topsy-turvy, but we get to spend a moment showing you the highlights.

The barnstorming has been fun, but there probably is a limit to how many barns you all would like to see. I will put up a bunch of pictures with a Barn tab under the “Photos along the way” tab, and will tell you when that happens. With maybe one more post of barn pics after this one.

Several of you have commented about doing a book of the barn photos….and one of our travels.

Ummm, we’re usually kind of busy….so I think this e-book is gonna hafta do!

10 thoughts on “We interrupt the stormin

  1. Happy Anniversary! I’m proud to say that I have known you for a good many of those 19 years, don’t remember exactly how many. The two of you are amazing people and I thoroughly enjoy following your adventures. As for the book, maybe someday when the wheels of the Big Taxi grind to a halt, you will have time. Love you & the boys and look forward to reading your next post and possibly seeing you when you’re in town.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you! Love reading about all of your adventures & love seeing all the pics of all of you & the places you get to see along your journey. You all are such wonderful people & I wish all of you the very best on your journey:)

  3. let me also join the “cheers” to an amazing journey and wish you a very happy anniversary, but also congrats on giving your friends a glimpse into your life with the twins ….. indeed a life that most could not imagine, but one that will give you a lifetime of memories … blessings and happy taxi days!!

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