Tennessee barnstormin

It has been so much fun to explore the surrounding countryside, to find barns that are suitable for your viewing pleasure!

It began as a lark, because we noticed a couple of interesting ones close to our campground.

We had no idea how extensive farming is around here, and we had no clue how creative people can be when it comes to the needs of their animals!

In four days, we have amassed photos of more than 60 barns that we will share with you….not all at once, but over time.

You will notice on one barn below a pattern painted on the side that looks like a quilt. Farmers are encouraged to paint these quilt designs as a personal expression, and there is a modest effort to track them and present an online “quilt trail” for the public to follow. Our effort was much too ad hoc for such organization!

You will also notice that the final picture in this post has nothing to do with barns.

This is the eve of Robyn’s and my 19th wedding anniversary, just days after our 2nd anniversary of moving into the coach and moving on down the road! We are SO happy to be married to each other, and SO happy to live this remarkable lifestyle!

And we’re SO happy we can share it with you!

5 thoughts on “Tennessee barnstormin

  1. Absolutely love the barn pictures. Wish you would publish it in book form. I would be proud to put it on my coffee table!!!

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