Just horsin around

Another serendipitous day….

Not technically speaking, because we set out to find whatever was interesting in the hills and valleys that surround us here in northern central Tennessee.

But we headed to one town and one park, found them to be uninspiring….at least for this season, and went looking in other directions.


Burgess Falls State Park, was underwhelming as a park, but ohhhh baby, the falls….

There apparently are 4 sets of falls, and the biggest set is least accessible. Since today was already over 80 degrees, we limited ourselves to the two upper sets. Soooo accessible….we could hear the roaring water from the car, and the trail dropped right down beside the water within a hundred feet of the parking lot! It wasn’t an opportune time for the twins, so we cut it short.

Decided to take the scenic way home, which happened to run past a Sonic burger place, which we’ve discovered serves fresh banana shakes. Ooooo, nice on a hot day.

Can’t eat them at Sonic….gotta find a park.


Just blocks away, not only a nice park, but one with nice swings and a nice wooden playground, all mostly in the shade! Everybody was happy.

But the high point of the day didn’t occur until we were climbing into the Lil Taxi to leave. We heard clip-clop-clip-clop, and turned to see a horse and rider coming up the street. As we admired the coloring of the horse, and particularly admired its very stylish high-stepping way of walking, the rider noticed us looking and pointing, and asked if we liked horses. When we nodded, he turned into our parking lot and came over.

We learned Chase had owned Diamond for about 9 months, and was very pleased with the special way the horse walked. He said this ride was part of training for the horse to get used to traffic and city noise, so he would be comfortable riding in parades.

And then he let Ryan climb up in a stirrup!

Wayyy past Bingo….Friends for Life!

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