Now we’re rockin

Ran across a couple of old geezers rockin their lives away on a porch today.

Oh, sorry, I should’ve paid more attention….

You KNOW Ross will be right there when a rocking chair’s around. But even Ryan likes these glider chairs! Notice all four feet off the ground…

We were east a ways in a Mennonite community. We tested several flavors of home made ice cream at this place. I think we need to go back and test some more….

5 thoughts on “Now we’re rockin

  1. Doug, is this store in Muddy Pond TN? Did you go to the store called Muddy Pond General, they also have leather shops? Muddy Pond is known for making sorghum by mule in Oct. This is where Larry’s family was from before the Mennonites moved in. Also, This is where I went on my days off from work, we have a house there.
    P.S. Thanks for sharing family and pictures of your beautiful trips. You know I only go to TN, lol

    • Ohhhh my goodness, Sandy….I believe you are exactly correct! We were just exploring that day while parked at Defeated Creek, and ran across this great little settlement…bought a leather belt in the store! Such a small world! Good catch, Sandy.

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