Just toolin around

The lake we view out our side windows is Cordell Hull Lake, formed by a dam on the Cumberland River. On a map, the lake looks like a Chinese dragon because it winds back and forth so much.

You should have seen us trying to explore the nearby countryside today. The meanderings of the lake were enough, but we also had to contend with the Tennessee hills!

One nearby state park features a single-lane bridge across a dam, with a suspension bridge walkway below its dual spillways. Ross had a riot on the walkway, but Ryan was too engrossed in feeling all its mechanicals to really get into its movement!

Spring is about a month behind last year when we were here, but it shows itself in such lovely ways! The hillsides have clumps of soft green where the early deciduous trees have popped amidst the dark green pines and the blank gray late deciduous. The sky was fun today, and the hills gave new meaning to the term “rolling”.

There was something remarkable around almost every corner! The little donkeys were right beside the road, and much more interested in their food than us.

Before we knew it, we were 40 miles from home and had crossed into Kentucky! We were on the edge of Dale Hollow Lake, and decided to catch its state park resort….in hopes of some interesting food for dinner.

Our luck held out: we arrived 8 minutes after they opened for dinner, the staff was hugely kind to us and embellished our meals with more than we ordered!

And look at the view from the window beside our table!

5 thoughts on “Just toolin around

  1. You are living one of my favorite words: serendipity! The unexpected pleasure–happy spring seeking. Here it has almost arrived and now a winter freeze is predicted to return this coming weekend. Enough already! Enjoy your warm weather if you have found some and then share. Okay? Trudy

  2. Love the donkeys! And the lake view is fantastic. You should have been a writer … you make it sound like we’re right there with you. The word “Toolin” in the title is one that we heard for the first time on our trip to Southwest Indiana last September — a guy in the Toyota Visitor Center used it when we told him we were just looking around that part of Indiana since we’d never been there before.

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