No foolin

We really enjoyed this past Monday, April 1….no foolin.

That’s because it was sunny and we were in Nashville!

We’ve barely scratched the surface during four different times parked nearby, and we always come away with big smiles!

One favorite already is Centennial Park. We showed you a picture from the park last fall where Ross was reclining on the grass beside the Parthenon, a full-size recreation of the Greek original that the city built as the centerpiece for its 1897 Centennial Exposition. The park hosts numerous Vanderbilt University sports fields, and expansive sidewalks curve through its grounds for all manner of foot traffic. Because it sits on the edge of numerous Vanderbilt facilities, the casual athletes outnumber the serious runners.

But maybe its greatest claim to fame in our book are the lovely cultivated garden areas. Spring was busting out all over!

Notice something unusual about Ryan in the picture of him with Robyn and Ross (he’s on the left): his eyelids are open a little. He does this occasionally, and we’ve never figured out any sense to it. He has only bare optic nerve endings in his eyes….no retinas….but his ophthalmologist has theorized he might detect gross light and dark. Ryan just doesn’t demonstrate any response to even this strong sun. Perhaps he was responding to the sensation of warm sun on his face….

The final picture was taken in the rain today. Whenever we go near a lake, Robyn checks for bald eagles. And baby, she finds them.

This one was perched across from us below the dam for our campground lake. It’s prime fishing territory. As I despaired getting a useable photo from such a distance, he dived off the branch and flew toward us! He turned a bit and ended up on the ground about 900 feet from us at a kill other birds were enjoying. They were not happy he interrupted their feast!

4 thoughts on “No foolin

  1. Janet and I just LOVE your photos you always post. We got to spend a week in Nashville last Nov, and we liked Centennial Park too. How fabulous you get to be there now as springtime comes.

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