All zeze flowerz!

We drove through the southwestern Georgia countryside today, past the peanut and pecan farms, until we nearly bumped into Alabama.

Stopped at Pine Mountain, the home of Callaway Gardens. “What’s there?” you say.

From their website: “Each Spring, Callaway Gardens’ landscape explodes with one of the world’s largest displays of native and cultivated azaleas – more than 20,000 of them”

We took a tour of the grounds at a speed that didn’t begin to do justice to its 13,000 acres, and found Spring has not sufficiently arrived to produce the explosion of growth and colors for which Callaway is famous.

Ohhhhhhhhh it’s lovely alright, but it should be breathtaking!

Gotta come back in April….

Still, we had a lovely time, and provide the following proof:

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