I’m home, free of a gallbladder that was in rough shape.

Robyn and the boys survived swimmingly, with wonderful assistance from Marion, who gave up her business for nearly a week and drove 285 miles to be here!

Will rest tomorrow, and decide when to continue this particular trip.

Thank you for your kind words of support.

12 thoughts on “YESSS!

  1. So glad to hear that things went so well. Take it easy and don’t push yourself too soon. God certainly was watching over you to put you in the right place to get good care & for Robyn and the boys get the assistance they needed.

    • Shucks, I don’t have to remember anything in order to go slow…….I’m doing that real natural-like! Actually, not sure I was all that quick before the surgery…..

      Trying to walk that fine line between doing enough to regain my energy and stamina versus doing too much and prolonging the agony!

      Thanks for the encouragement (?)

  2. Take care of yourself. It took me a while to figure out what/when I could eat. You might notice some issues with food for a while. Glad you are going back on the road.

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