To catch you up

We moved from our Florida park a few days ago, heading into Georgia to Callaway Gardens.

Half way there, as we stopped for the night in a parking lot, I experienced abdominal pain that grew to the point I had to visit a nearby hospital.

Two days later I’m still in the hospital, about an hour from surgery to remove my seriously pesky gallbladder!

Robyn and the twins have had an adventure with the coach and car, but received some wonderful assistance from some dear friends….both new and old….and are now ensconced with full hookups right nearby!

Several miraculous aspects to all this drama, and clear demonstrations of God’s protection and guidance!

Much more, but it will have to wait. Morphine and phone keyboard don’t work well together….

I solicit your prayers….for Robyn and for my surgeon.

11 thoughts on “To catch you up

  1. What a revolting development! But I’m glad you have apparently found good care and that Robyn has found help with logistical details, etc. You will be in my prayers.

  2. Prayers certainly going your way. May the hand of God rest on the hand of the surgeon & on you for a speedy recovery. May God also be with Robyn & the boys. Thanking Him for placing those wonderful people in the right place to help her with the coach.
    God bless

  3. You and Robyn definitely have our prayers. Isn’t it so true that “Life is what happens when you are expecting something else.” Could wish that if this had to happen you would have been closer “home” but then remembered, “home” is wherever you are! Love to you and yours, Trudy and Dean

  4. Praying that God’s hands guide the sugeon’s and that His peace surrounds you all. Also praying for your speedy and full recovery. (Please don’t feel you need to post the customary pictures of this part of your great adventure.)

  5. Praying for all of you! sorry to hear of your not so pleasant adventure. God is good – some how things work out – so happy yo hear there are good people out there helping you & Robyn.

  6. Wow, We never know what is coming our way. So thankful for the assistance from friends new and old. God Bless you and the surgeon and may you heal well and be without pain! And God Bless, Robyn and the boys as she cares for ALL OF HER GUYS! Carol


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